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Today, we’re celebrating the release of THE DEEPEST BLACK by USA Today Bestselling author Rainy Kaye. THE DEEPEST BLACK is 99 cents for a limited time! Check it out, then scroll all the way down to enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

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ipad tdbEmber has a little problem…fairies want her dead.

Ember spends her Friday nights lurking in the bad parts of town, killing fairies. Itís either that, or become a victim to their flesh-eating hunger.

Then she meets Remy, a fae who, despite getting on her nerves, isnít evil. He tells her that a shadow has been consuming his world, changing its inhabitants and letting destructive beasts into his city. He is searching for his brother who went missing during the catastrophe.

When a team of mercenaries come for Ember, she has little choice but to join Remy in his quest. Together, they decide to bait a trap. What they find reveals the destruction of the fae world means the end of the human world, tooñand itís Emberís fault.

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Rainy Kaye writes paranormal novels from her lair somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA, and her Summoned series was acquired by Bastei L¸bbe. In 2014, she reached the USA Today Bestseller list. Today, she’s taking care of†her small zoo of furry animals and trying to remember where she left her coffee.
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Ghosts. Spirits. Are they real?

I think so.

I’ve had more than a few ghostly encounters. I’m sure most people have. (I’ve had many! I’ll write about these in the future) Maybe they’ve disregarded these strange, unexplained things that have happened to them—things they’ve seen which they can’t explain, or things they’ve smelled or heard.

I’ve had an interest in the paranormal (before I knew what it was) from an early age. I used to get up early on Saturdays mornings (mind you, I was under 5 years old) to “sneak” downstairs to watch Sir Graves Ghastly on the television. Sir Graves Ghastly was a Detroit personality and each week he featured a different old horror movie. I recall watching many Vincent Price movies.

Invisible friends. How many kids had one of these? I had two. “Petghostly,” (probably named after Sir Graves Ghastly, and “Aunt Rosie.” I have no idea where she came from. Why do kids make up invisible friends? Are they real entities? I have no idea. I’d like to do a study or more research on these in the future.

I’ve recently come across a few videos of real ghostly encounters that make one think. Things that can’t be explained away.

What is going on with Mars?

Are we alone?

Mars in Virgo

Photo courtesy of

At times, events will happen which make one wonder… Take for example the planet, Mars. This planet has been in the news lately, again. The NASA Curiosity rover camera has come across an intelligent, glowing light (video on very bottom). Also, in the center video, we see a sort of off-road vehicle with a rider. Is the humanoid from Earth and living there in some sort of “biosphere” experiment? Or, perhaps, there really are Martians.

Whatever is happening on the planet, Mars. There’s also this… a photo of something unusual…


Photo courtesy of

In the near future… I’ll post another strange incident or two, concerning aliens and present-day Egypt. Also, I may be posting on archeological-related news…