Another Bar/Pub Adventure

This adventure took place some months past (and will continue in the future), in the historical town of Howell, Michigan.

The first time, I visited 2FOGS (which I’ve been told, stands of 2 F_cking Old Guys), it was  very busy that night. The menu arrived in the form of a small book, yet it was simple to read. A waitress passed by with a tray of Deviled Eggs which some other patrons orders, and I thought I’d like to try those (I wanted something cheaper to start with). Unfortunately, that evening, I could not try them as the waitress said they were out. I tried the Gourmet Pretzel instead, which came with two sauces, a sweet mustard and a queso cheese. It was delicious. Honestly, I can’t remember (at this time) what drink I ordered. I’m sure it was good. 🙂

On the second visit, I ordered a Moscow Mule, which came in a copper mug. (This was new to me, and the first time I’ve had a drink in a copper mug. Now, I see copper mugs are everywhere. My sister had mentioned previously that she thought I might like to try this particular drink… she was correct). I admit, I liked it. It came garnished with a mint sprig and tasted of ginger. I also tried their Cuban Pizza, which consisted of pork, BBQ’d, with dill pickles (those who know me, know I absolutely love dill  pickles, especially dill), and honey mustard topped with mozzarella on a grilled pita bread (taken from their menu). I did not have the onions which come with the pizza (I’m anti-onion for the most part).

The décor was very cozy and quiet despite the many people there—comfortable seating and red brick walls. The owners have gone with a “speak-easy” theme (think prohibition-era) and I think it’s a great addition to Howell, Michigan. Of course, I will go again. I’d like to try some other of their Mules, Martinis, and the Hemingway Daiquiri in the future. Perhaps, I can finally try the Deviled Eggs.

Those of you interested in such things, can find 2FOGS in the basement of the Heart of Howell building in downtown Howell. You can enter through the back alley. (It’s easy to find, I found it and I rarely know where I am). Their website is here:

The next adventure (I’m behind on writing about my bar/restaurant dining experiences), will be a short review about an Italian restaurant in Sedona, Arizona… Stay tuned in for that.