What is going on with Mars?

Are we alone?

Mars in Virgo

Photo courtesy of morguefile.com

At times, events will happen which make one wonder… Take for example the planet, Mars. This planet has been in the news lately, again. The NASA Curiosity rover camera has come across an intelligent, glowing light (video on very bottom). Also, in the center video, we see a sort of off-road vehicle with a rider. Is the humanoid from Earth and living there in some sort of “biosphere” experiment? Or, perhaps, there really are Martians.



Whatever is happening on the planet, Mars. There’s also this… a photo of something unusual…


Photo courtesy of http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/images/?ImageID=6538

In the near future… I’ll post another strange incident or two, concerning aliens and present-day Egypt. Also, I may be posting on archeological-related news…