A Need For Book Reviews and Beta Readers!

Hello out there!

If anyone is interested in reviewing one or two books, or becoming a beta reader for a historical/paranormal series of novels, please let me know.

First one: A fantasy/paranormal/adventure

eBook Cover Small_512x512

The High King’s Embalmer

Set on a planet similar to Earth, “The High King’s Embalmer,” is a dystopian fantasy adventure, with a touch of horror and has a few paranormal elements, loosely based on the premise that the ancient Egyptians had encountered aliens resembling half-men, half-jackals and enslaved them for their own gain.

While assassination rumors and wars spread freely, Jibade, the royal family’s shape-shifter, embalmer and guard, is intent on finding those behind the deaths while protecting his master. Before he has a chance, he is kidnapped by bounty hunters. He escapes but is hunted by the king’s men due to a misunderstanding in that the king believes he ran away.


Free ebooks are available for reviewers and/or beta readers. (pdf, or a coupon from SmashWords, etc). This is one novel of three. The second book is nearly complete and I’d like to collect a few more reviews before releasing it.

Second book:  A historical fiction with a touch of old-fashioned romance.


Bittersweet Tavern

“Bittersweet Tavern.” This book is set during the beginning of the American Revolution in Maine, and features a spunky barmaid widow, Jerusha, and a sea captain, Daniel. He is avoiding the British Navy, while she is curious about what he is up to. Sea battles, a town is bombarded by the British (true story), etc. (It was originally published by Bygone Era Books, LTD, but they went out of business, and I republished it on my own with a new cover and interior layout). I’m working on the second book for this series, also.


ALSO! NEED BETA READERS! Historical fiction with a touch of paranormal, set during the medieval times, mostly.

In need of Beta Readers for an older series I’m thinking of publishing in the near future: It’s a historical/paranormal and takes place during the late 1200s to mid 1300s and jumps to modern times (well, 1990s). It’s not a time-travel. It’s basically about a knight, his family, friends and misadventures (and bad luck). A touch of Romance. Jousts. The Undead. This series consists of three books. The third is still in the writing stage, but nearly complete. I started it many, many, many years ago and became distracted and didn’t get back to it, but plan on it!

In gratitude,

S. Copperstone



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