Genealogy: The Mystery of Jane Warren


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The Jane Warren Mystery

I’ve been stuck on a mystery for years now: Where did my ancestor, Jane Warren, come from and who were her parents? I’m posting info I have with hope that someone may be able to help solve this mystery.

Fact: Jane Warren married James Gamble on the 17th of November, 1824 in Markham Township, York Co., Ontario. Jane Beynon & John Gamble witnessed. (John was James’ brother, and Jane Beynon became James’ sister-in-law).

Fact: In a census, Jane said she was of Irish ethnicity.

Fact: Jane was born. Somewhere. The possible places were: New Brunswick; Ireland; Canada; Ontario; Vaughan Twp., York Co., Ontario, and Prince Edward Island. The dates listed range from 21 January 1807 to 1810.

Fact: Jane died somewhere in Michigan (there was a will) on 17 Oct 1885. In either Tuscola Co., or Berrien Co., Michigan. She’s buried in Elkland Twp. Cemetery, Cass City, Tuscola Co., Michigan. Her husband, James, died earlier that year in Berrien Co., Michigan and is buried there.

Fact: James and Jane had the following children:

  • Ezra Wyatt Gamble b. 3 Dec 1825 in Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario. He moved around after becoming the second Gamble reeve in Scugog Twp., to live (according to census records, and since those were every 10 years, he’s probably lived in other places I don’t know about) in: Missouri. He may have ended up somewhere in Washington state. Using the usual naming patterns of the era, I have no idea where Ezra got his name, nor his middle name, Wyatt—which is most likely a surname, but whose is it?
  • James Warren Gamble b. 10 Feb 1828 in Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario. James was the first reeve of Scugog Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario. His brother, Ezra became reeve twice afterward. He owned a business in Port Perry. James’ wife, Lydia, died, and afterward he had an auction, sold his farm on Scugog Island and left Canada to become a fruit tree grower and farmer in Manistee, Michigan.
  • Moses Gamble b. 21 Nov 1829 in Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario. He married in Hamilton, Ontario, Margaret Smith, and ended up moving to Westport, South Dakota.
  • Aaron Walter Gamble b. 15 Oct 1831 somewhere in Ontario. Became a doctor. Met a nurse in medical school, hooked up and moved to many places including: British Columbia, Washington state, and ended up in California.
  • Mary Ann Gamble b. 27 Nov 1833 in Whitchurch, York Co., Ontario. She married Pennington Lundy of Scugog, and they ended up moving to Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., Michigan. In the 1880 census she says her mother, Jane, was born in Canada (this does not narrow down the choices!).
  • Margaret Elizabeth Gamble b. 26 March 1836 in Vaughan, York Co., Ontario. Married, moved to Indiana and then Michigan.
  • William W. Gamble b. 13 April 1839 in Whitby, Ontario Co., Ontario. Also became a doctor (dentist), married in Haldimand Co., Ontario and moved. In 1868 was living in Kansas. In 1875 lived in Brockport, New York. In 1910 lived in San Francisco, California. He said his mother, Jane, was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada (This narrows it down a little…sort of).
  • Jane Anne Gamble b. 19 Mar 1842 in Whitby, Ontario Co., Ontario. Married James Redman (another Scugog area family), moved to Gratiot Co., Michigan.
  • Albert E. Gamble b. 17 June 1844 in Scugog Island, Ontario Co., Ontario* (or Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario) Albert was “of Scugog” in 1866. He married Mary Smith in Whitby, Ontario 1865. Moved to Newaygo Co., Michigan
  • Maria (Mariah) Gamble b. 1 Nov 1846 in Whitchurch Twp., York Co., Ontario. Married Ephraim Reader (of Scugog) on Scugog Island and later moved to Huron Co., Michigan
  • Harrison Septimus Gamble b. 21 March 1853 in Whitchurch Twp., York Co., Ontario. Married a few times. Moved to Michigan but died in Ohio at his daughter’s (a nurse) house.

Now, the reason I mention the children in regard to trying to find Jane Warren’s past is because the Gamble family ended up living in Scugog Twp., according to some of the children’s birth places and the 1851 census. Scugog Twp., is also where a group of Irish Warrens lived. There were two brothers (of distant Irish nobility and large estate owners) who helped settle the Scugog area, known as the “Irishmen,” of whom she could be related: John Borlase Warren and his brother, William Warren, from Co. Cork, Ireland. Apparently, they came to this particular area because 1) it needed settling/farming 2) their uncle, Dr. William Warren Baldwin, lived in the area and they had a place to stay. John was born about 1798 (too young to be Jane’s father, but could be her brother) and settled in Scugog for a time, building a gristmill and operated a distillery and general store. He opened the first post office between Toronto and Port Hope, Ontario. He married Louisa Lynde (daughter of Jabez Lynde who settled in Scugog in 1804). John moved to Oshawa, Ontario and helped settle that town. William also operated several stores in Whitby. William later became Collector of Customs at Whitby. He was born about 1799-1800 (also, probably too young to be Jane’s father). The “Irishmen”‘s father was a captain in the dragoons in the British Army.

Some children for the Warrens of Scugog/Whitby/Oshawa: William Warren: William Warren (b. 1826); Dr. Henry Warren (b. 1838 in Whitby Twp.);

There’s another William Warren b. 1785 in England who died in Scugog. He married Mary ___. Known children: John Clems Warren (b. 1809); James Warren (b. 1813); William Warren (b. 1817); (I suppose my Jane Warren could fit into this family, but she claims to be Irish…)

The Niagara area Warrens: Again, there are a few, mostly military-types, who could be related to my Jane Warren. One, probably not, although who really knows: 1) a John Warren was a farmer in 1842, born in United States, living in Cayuga, Haldimand Co., Ontario with two people (probably a wife and child). He was black.

2) a Col. John Warren b. before 1755 in Scotland (was in the British army this year) was stationed at Fort Erie, Niagara, Canada. He was also the Justice of the Peace at Niagara. He travelled a lot, and married a couple times. His children were born all over: 1) Mary b. 1764 Scotland 2) John b. 1766 England 3) Henry Bowden Warren b. 1772 Trois Riviers, Quebec 4) Col. John (the 2nd) b. 1777 5) Edmund Edward Warren b. 1779 Fort Erie 6) Jane Warren b. 1782 Bertie Twp., Niagara but she married Benjamin Hardison. (But this particular Jane is also listed as being a Col. Kirby Warren’s daughter. Perhaps Col. Kirby Warren and Col. John Warren are the same people, or there were two Col. Warrens stationed at Fort Erie with daughters named Jane (unlikely) 7) Amelia b. 1784 8) Julia b. 1787. To add to the confusion with the Kirby Warren, one of Col. John Warren’s daughters “married a Kerby and her sister” (Jane Warren) married Benjamin Hardison. This needs further investigating.

There’s a stray Jane Warren who married in 1828 a doctor, David J. Bowman of Port Talbot. She was from Fort Erie.

And, there’s another John Warren b. 1771 in the Fort Erie area who married Charlotte Stanton. This was another possible set of parents for my Jane until I found that they didn’t seem to have a Jane Warren as a child. They had a Sophia. (Still collecting children for them)

I thought about checking into Col. John Warren’s son, Henry Bowden Warren, who would be a possible father. It appears he didn’t have a daughter named Jane. His brother, John (b. 1777 lived in Bertie Twp), had a daughter named Jane, but I don’t know who she married. So far, this is the most promising line to do more digging, and if this is the correct line, my Jane belongs to the military/Niagara branch (Fort Erie). John married Susan S. Smith and their known children: Jane Warren, Ann B. Warren, John B. Warren (another John Borlase Warren, but he died in his 20s. Leaving me to believe that the military branch could be related to the nobility branch of the Warren family).

Of course, hardly any branches of my ancestors followed the traditional naming patterns of the time where the first son is usually named after the father’s father; the first daughter is usually named after the mother’s mother; the second son is usually named after the mother’s father; the second daughter is usually named after the father’s mother; the third son is usually named after the father; the third daughter is usually named after the mother; the fourth son is usually named after the father’s oldest brother; the fourth daughter is usually named after the mother’s daughter; etc etc. Although these are the traditional Irish patterns, it pretty much goes that way with all other nationalities. I have noticed the patterns have been reversed. If I do use the naming patterns, her father’s name should be William, or James, or John. But who was Ezra? No one in the Gamble family used that name before this. It must be from Jane Warren’s side or someone who witnessed his baptism and has no connection to the family…?

On to the Prince Edward Island Warrens: Jane could be related somehow, but so far, doesn’t fit anywhere:

Capt. William Warren m. the widow Jane Gouldrup. They had a son, William Warren (b. 1774 PEI) who married Ann Robinson (b. NYC 1778). Their children: William Warren (b. 1799 — too young to be my Jane’s father); James Warren (b. 1800 — too young to be my Jane’s father); George Warren (b. 1802); Joseph Philip Warren (b. 1807 — he took over my Jane Warren’s possibility of her being William Warren/Ann Robinson’s child, unless they were twins, and if so, it isn’t mentioned anywhere); There is a Maria Jane Nelson Warren daughter, but she was b. 1810 (a possibility until I found that she married someone else!).

So… does anyone know anything more about the mysterious Jane Warren, daughter of John Warren (b. 1777), son of Col. John Warren of Fort Erie fame?