Time Travel

I’ve been interested in time travel for a while. I loved the show, “Quantum Leap”, but never connected to “Dr. Who,” for some reason. Anyway, I came across this video today and figured I’d write a bit about my thoughts on this—mainly because I didn’t want to bookmark another site or video, so I put it here.

It’s happened more than a few times, that I’ve written something in a novel regarding that particular time period/era only to find out later, that that particular event, etc., actually did happen. Or that a name I chose at random, happened to be a living person, of which I had no idea at the time of writing about them. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or perhaps I subconsciously heard or read about that and forgot—but I doubt it. Too many strange things like that have happened.

I can’t be the only one who has gone somewhere they’ve never been and felt like they have been there. This sort of thing, whether it is a form of déjà vu, or perhaps a shift in time for that split second, or even some form of psychic ability, or an out of body experience. I can’t say it’s always due to our ancestral memories because as far as I’m aware, none of my ancestors had been to that particular place, either. I don’t believe in reincarnation, so I’m not even considering that. (My personal belief).

When it happens, it’s very random and unexpected. Maybe a split second of, “oh, I’ve been here before,” or “I remember this,” or “I’ve seen this,” sort of thing. I never thought about it being a form of time travel, but perhaps a form of out-of-body experience, instead. I don’t know how else to explain how a person can know something, or see something, where they’ve never physically been there.

I’m going to be doing more investigating on this. I’m thinking of brewing up a novel that may touch on this subject.