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I write by the light of moon… well, not really.. well sometimes. If I could actually see the moon more often (I live in a cloudy part of the world) I could say that. But, that is my favorite time to write, actually although it’s not always possible. I’ve always been a night writer. Every novel I’ve written was typed up during the night. There’s something… something I can’t quite explain, about why that is. I hand-write a good share of the story before I type it. My brain seems to connect easier this way. If I ever start a story on my computer, it begins with one sentence and finishes with that same sentence. To continue, I’ll have to grab some paper and write up the rough draft, quickly.

Certain songs/bands give me that same feeling, that feeling the moon invokes in me. They add or provide inspiration. For those who read my stuff, it’s actually doubtful anyone will see the relation. I’m weird that way. (i.e. Brandy by Looking Glass inspired my American Revolutionary story about the barmaid and the privateer, “Bittersweet Tavern”). So, as a surprise this weblog isn’t exactly about the moon but my favorite musical selections which inspired or add(ed) to my writing.

I’ll start with listing some of the music or inspirational bands that have played in the background of more than one novel (in no particular order):

Gravel Walk by The Rogues. I love bagpipes, and that’s the truth.

Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones. I love this song. It is a story in itself when you listen to the lyrics. And I like the grittiness of the story. I love the music… They did a good job with this one.

• Control by Puddle of Mudd. Yeah, I like this.

Drift and Die by Puddle of Mudd

Harvest Moon by Runrig. From the album Heartland. One of my favorite bands, this particular song touches me at the soul. Another song of theirs which summons that same emotion (of which I will not elaborate), is…

• Chì Mi’n Geamhradh by Runrig. That’s Gaelic for “I See The Winter.” Donnie Munro’s voice can make me melt in this song. This version is from the live version of the album, Once In A Lifetime.

Lie To Me by Chris Isaak (He is another who has one of those voices that can make me melt like butter in a hot frying… I’m partial to his early stuff)

The Clincher by Chevelle (now, I like these guys a lot)

Face To The Floor by Chevelle (I like the beat)

Open by Chevelle

A Breezy Time by Samuel H. Speck. A particular song I found from 1897 from the play, “A Breezy Time,” (the play would never be politically correct these days, but it was different back then… a play that made the rounds in the northern opera houses around the U.S.A.), inspired a screenplay of the same name I hope to complete one of these days. I assume there are more songs, but the only one I’ve found (this one), is a ragtime piano song that shares that title.

Blue Monday by New Order (My 3rd book featuring Étienne le Naper—my favorite former knight, truck-driving vampire, and someday I’ll release that series—was written with the original Goth movement in mind during more than one scene).

Rumour Has It by Adele. (Now, I’m not a fan of female singers in general—and the same thoughts and opinions go toward most female leads in books—but I do enjoy those with the smoky-voices. She’s got that down).

Thrash Attack by Agatha Bones. (Points to you for knowing who these guys were).

Silent Night by Agatha Bones

• MEAT Grinder by Agatha Bones (great for writing horror stories).

(There were actually many thrash and metal bands that made the “writing to the background music of…” cut. Too many to list, I suppose).

I Was Hoping by Alanis Morissette (her songs are deep and a novel in themselves)

Hornpipes by Albannach… yes, I love the bagpipes, and then add the drums… sigh.

(There were actually many Celtic bands that made the “writing to the background music of…” cut. Too many to list, I suppose).

Adagio in G Minor by Albinoni (fooled you, didn’t I? Yes, I like some classical music, I’m deep like that)

Estampie by Arany Zoltân. (Yes, I another love of mine is medieval instrumentals).

Saltarello by Dead Can Dance

•  Dream A Little Dream of Me by The Beautiful South. Also like the original Mama Cass version.

Weapon of Choice by Black Rebel Motorcycle

One Love/People Get Ready by Bob Marley. (Who couldn’t enjoy this?)

• In One Ear by Cage the Elephant

(Rock) Superstar by Cypress Hill

Missing Heart by Dwight Yoakam (yeah, it’s country, he’s one of the few I enjoy)

Lift Me Up by Five Finger Death Punch

Crawling In The Dark by Hoobastank

• Erdbeermund by In Extremo (Yeah, I like these guys too. I think they’ve only one song in English. It’s not this one, of course).

• Vollmond by In Extremo. (The harp intro is beautiful. The ultimate vampire song).

•  Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix (Another soft spot for me are guitar players). Add Stevie Ray Vaughan to the mix.

•  Uprising by Muse

Torn To Pieces by Pop Evil (A touching song)

Through Glass by Stone Sour

• Volbeat. I like them a lot.

Room To Breathe by You Me At Six

This just a sampling…


Rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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Well, not really, but I wanted to add more drama to my post. Ha! Anyway, this past week, while wandering around the ‘net I discovered a new tv show… supposedly to air this Spring 2015, Hieroglyph I thought, “wow, how cool, maybe this will help my book sales since the topic is sort of, kind of, similar …” Of course I admit, I was excited about the idea. My hopes rose with my excitement that maybe, for the first time in my life, my writing timing was correct.*

Until… I did more investigating into the show and found this disappointment… it’s already cancelled. Even before it aired! Not fair. Ugh. I guess there’s always hope that another network may pick it up later…

Here’s another show that got my hopes up: Not sure how this one will go… HBO will supposedly have an upcoming show called, Pharaoh There is always the History channel’s Ancient Aliens…, or the original Stargate movie, and/or television series (Stargate and Stargate Atlantis)— I love these, by the way.

*I’ve had the darnedest luck with my writing timing. I was working on my French/Scottish vampire knight novel and before I finished it, the movie Braveheart, came out and I thought, “great,” and refused to watch the movie for the longest time. (I eventually saw it, of course). When I finally finished the novel and tried to find an agent/publisher, I remember one told me something like, “I don’t know what to do with the vampire.” Sigh. I put the book away for many years. Then, of course vampires came back into vogue and I missed that train. Similar situations happened with other books/stories I was working on. It still happens. Sigh.