Dining to be continued…


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Dining, to be continued…

I finally had a chance to write a little again. Tonight’s topic is memorable restaurants I’ve dined at throughout the years up to recently. I will be adding to this as I remember the names of those restaurants that have really stuck out in my mind. I’m not saying anyone not mentioned shouldn’t be on my list, because I’ve been to many that I really enjoyed not currently listed. Some of those, I just can’t think of their proper names at the moment (don’t want to offend anyone!).

I will begin with a restaurant my sister and stopped at in Long Beach, California some years ago because we were hungry for breakfast and tired of McDonalds. We stopped at the Jolly Roger, right on the marina. I recall having French toast. They served so much that (a rarity) I could barely eat it all. And, it was really good. It was topped with whipped cream and almond slivers, as I recall. I loved the quaint, nautical theme and since it was on a marina, we were able to watch an old guy fastening up the sails on his sailboat docked just outside the window. My sister and I were probably the youngest people there, but we learned to eat where the old people go because normally the food is better, as is the price, and there more of it. I don’t know if it is still there, but I really liked it.

The first restaurant to make me cry because the food was so good, and my first foray into true southern food is Casey’s Buffett and BBQ in Wilmington, North Carolina. It has an extremely casual setting with a buffet in the back where the yummy food resides. I actually fell in love with butter beans here, and the peach cobbler made me cry, it was so good. The pulled BBQ pork was also delicious. All the food was delicious down to the macaroni & cheese.

My first venture into a French restaurant of any sort, was at Our Crêpes & More… in Wilmington, North Carolina. I recall having the “Tahiti,” which I recommend for those who like a touch of India. (I know, that’s not French, but it was a crêpe, so that has to count for something). According to the menu it was: “Chicken curry, pineapple, raisins, almonds topped with a dash of salted whip cream.” Delicious. They have crêpes for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.

Aubrey’s in Howell, Michigan wins the award (so far) for best pizza in Howell, I think. I’m not sure what kind of cheese they use, but that stuff is so good and it actually melts in your mouth. So far, I’ve had the Margherita (which has “house-made crust brushed with herb infused olive oil & topped with five cheese blend, grape tomatoes, fresh basil ribbons & a drizzle of balsamic vinegar” according to their menu. Another great pizza I’ve had recently was a special of the day. I don’t know what it’s called, but I believe it had the five cheese blend, prosciutto, green onions, pineapple and tomato and possibly (although I can’t remember at the moment) roasted red pepper. To die for. I’ve also had the Herb Chicken pizza, I think.

Front Street Brewery in historical Wilmington, North Carolina has a nice vibe. I believe I had nachos and a beverage of some sort. They brew their own beer right in the restaurant. I love old buildings in old towns because one (me) can feel some of the energy of the past. I think the walls soak it up. It’s got a nice, cozy feel. I believe I heard it was haunted. That could be. It attracts a younger crowd.

Quartermaster’s Restaurant & Tavern in Surf City, North Carolina. I haven’t ate here yet as they open later in the day/evening, but my man, the captain, keeps watch and greets visits at the entrance. Every time I visit I have to get a picture of us together.

Paddy’s Hollow Restaurant is located in the Cotton Exchange (an old cotton mill uniquely converted and preserved into little shops, etc) in Wilmington, North Carolina. I think I had a French Dip Sandwich and some sort of beverage or two. Yummy. (Yes, I know, a French Dip Sandwich isn’t Irish, but it was on the menu and I was in the mood). The décor is fantastic, and has a nice vibe. (That whole Cotton Exchange as a nice, happy vibe, at least for me). We ate out on the brick patio with a nice, warm breeze coming off the Cape Fear.

K-38 Baja Grill in Wilmington, North Carolina. What can I say? Delicious, very fresh, tasty Mexican food. Nice, cozy décor. The biggest margaritas ever! I had my birthday lunch here.

More to come… and this will include more states, cities, places.